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About Us

A medical surgery (consulta ) specializing in integral holistic treatments regarding your health be it physical, emotional, energetic or mental.

Our Team

We cover many disciplines which are coordinated and directed by Dr. C. Pohlmann Graziani and A. Wittgreen Antinori, emotional therapist.

We are assisted in our surgery by Javier Garcia Aguirre, physiotherapist . Over and above this, we work directly with a team of specialists in cardiology, gynecology, osteopathy and other therapeutic specialities.

Our Philosophy

Is based fundamentally on the holistic concept of the human being.

Illness does not happen only as a result of a physical imbalance but rather as an adjustment to the life we are living.

As such, we have to find the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual causes which have led to the illness in order to regain health once again

Our Therapies

We specialise in alternative and complementary treatments of:

Chronic illnesses, rheumatology, hormonal problems, allergies, nervous problems and depression.

Children’s health (physical, emotional or behavioral).

Problems related to emotional, families, couples and post traumatic (loss, bereavement, accidents, etc).


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